Early Years Assessment: Physical Development

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Gold winner at the Practical Pre-School Awards 2015...

Physical development underpins much of a child's later educational advancement. Without good coordination, core stability and gross motor skills the fine motor skills needed for tool handling and writing may not fully develop. Each aspect of physical development is interlinked with a child's future success as a learner.

This book contains practical, easy to follow suggestions linked to the ages and stages of the Early Years Outcomes. It offers clear information on what to look for in terms of the child's developing moving and handling skills and how to plan for next steps. Each section is colour coded and links the Early Years Outcomes to the planning cycle and Characteristics of Effective Learning.

It contains a wide range of additional activities and an assessment grid to support practitioners' current tracking systems and help demonstrate progress over a specific period of time.



“This handy book provides a clear and accessible guide to observing children in their physical development. Observable features to look out for and useful ideas for planning new provision are listed in easy bullet points. This book will aid all adults working with young children, whether they are in training, new or experienced practitioners.” – Jenny Carpenter,Head of PGCE primary programme, York St John University

“An invaluable resource when commenting on children's skills and abilities in relation to the characteristics of effective learning. Simple to follow and understand regardless of prior knowledge and experience.

The size, headings, colour coding and layout make this a book you can pick up and quickly locate the information you need - a crucial necessity in any busy Early Years setting!"  – Yvette Huitson, EYFS Co-ordinator, North Frodingham Primary School

“It is refreshing to see such a vibrant and user friendly, practical Early Years book which recognizes the importance of Physical Development and guides Early Years Practitioners on what to observe, and how to assess and plan progression. This is a comprehensive and very relevant book for today's Early Years practitioners.” – Dr Sandra Eady, Faculty Leader for Early Years, Primary Education

“This is a fantastic resource for anyone working in EYFS who wants to learn more about physical development. This book has many unique features that other current materials on the market do not offer. I am particularly impressed by the progress checklists which are easy to use when completing initial and ongoing assessments. This and any other future books are sure to become firm favourites in EYFS settings.” – Kim Peacock, Deputy Primary Head

“This interesting book shows how vital every aspect of physical development is for future educational advancement...The book is excellently presented, with a huge number of colour photos. A very interesting approach and good to see this important aspect highlighted.” – Sarah Brew, www.parentsintouch.co.uk


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