Easi-Ears® Digital Audio Story Headphones

MP3 audio headsets


Product Description

Easi-Ears, a new digital audio system designed for primary schools an nurseries.

Comprising of a set of six different coloured headphones, remote control unit, docking station for recharging and software.

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Easi-Ears enables teachers to put their own audio content (e.g. in MP3 format) onto the headphones so that children can listen independently or as a group. The headphones are wireless, so children are not tied to a CD player, enabling them to be active whilst listening inside or outdoors.

Overview - 3 minutes

2 minutes on how to use Easi-Ears


The headphones and remote control unit contain 256Mb of Flash memory, which is enough to store more than 2 hours of MP3 recordings.


The teacher's choice of audio content means that Easi-Ears can be used to support different areas of the curriculum, e.g. listening to stories, rhymes, poems and non-fiction text, instructions such as adding features to a map, creative music to inspire story writing, model making or painting pictures, or for outdoor treasure hunts and nature trails. It also means the set is usable by all ages and therefore of value throughout the school.

The audio content can be transferred onto the MP3 headphones via the Easi-Ears software. The software is designed so that teachers can create their own playlists and easily add the same content to all headphones or customise for individual headsets.

The remote control unit is designed for the teacher to enable them to interact with the headphones whilst in use. It is also a MP3 recorder/player and may be used by pupils to record their own audio tracks which can be transmitted directly to the headphones.

Unique broadcast feature - The remote control unit also haves the unique ability to interrupt play and broadcast voice or music to the headphones. This is particularly useful for the teachers should they wish to say something to the children whilst the headphones are in use, e.g. "5 minutes till tidy up time".

Great value - use across the curriculum and throughout the school

  • Ideal for listening to stories
  • Develop children's speaking and listening skills
  • Assist reluctant readers
  • Ideal for outdoor / flexible learning
  • Add you own cross curricular audio content. FREE audio downloads and cross-curricular examples for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 available for web download soon!

    The Easi-Ears software is easy to use and enables you to add or remove tracks on the headphones and remote control unit. To upload content simple dock the headphones / remote control unit into the docking station and connect the docking station to your PC via USB.

    7 minutes video on Using Easi-Ears Software

    • Adding / deleting tracks - the software enables you to navigate to MP3 files on your PC, through 'My Library'. From here tracks can be selected and dragged into the 'My Playlist' box to create individual playlists. Individual tracks or playlists can be added to individual headsets, or a simple 'Copy to headsets' button enables you to copy the same tracks to all six. Tracks are deleted by selecting then dragging to the dust bin or right clicking on the mouse.
    • Playing a track - Tracks can be played from within the software by double clicking on it or by playing - through the play panel. Useful before copying to headphones.
    • Importing files - there are various tools within the software that enable you to import files. This could be bringing in MP3 files through the Library, importing files in a format that the software then automatically converts to MP3, recording sounds directly into the software (using a microphone) or ripping tracks from a CD, i.e. copying the contents off a CD into MP3 format that can then be brought into the software. This flexibility enables teachers to have a breadth of options in terms of the audio content they wish to add to the headphones.
    • Converts files - imported files such as WAV and WMA are automatically converted to MP3 (Easi-Ears preferred format); no need to use separate file converter software first.
    • Copy files from a CD - copy tracks from your favourite CDs into MP3 format for use on the headphones and remote control unit.

    Site licence for Easi-Ears software included.

    More training video

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