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The FREE EasySense software brings many features and its versatility transforms the whole data logging experience. Now with NEW Sharing & Collaboration features! Also compatible with Chromebooks that support Android 


50-second on the Collaboration feature




EasySense Android Tablet Software features
  • EasyLog, continuous recording, displayed in a Graph,
  • Recording wizards guide the user through setting up a recording
  • Analysis tools include
    • Values
    • Interval
    • Difference
    • Gradient
    • Area
    • Best fit
  • Display tools include Channel selection, Auto scale, Zoom
  • Snapshot, single measurements displayed as a Bar graph
  • Timer, recording Wizards guide the user through setting up:
    • Time
    • Speed
    • Velocity
    • Acceleration
    • Kinetic Energy
    • Momentum
  • Data can be exported direct to a spreadsheet
  • Graph copied as an image to other apps.

EasySense software, is a free download from the  Android Play Store

Sharing of experiment data

Enhance learning and make full use of the technology in the classroom With a suitable logger connected to the controller, data is captured in real-time and instantly relayed to all of the Viewers in the group. At the end of the experiment, the Controller and all Viewers have their own set of data, ready for analysis and reporting.


Catch Up Mode

This feature allows a student to catch up if they missed the experiment as it happened. It can also be used to quickly ensure that all students have the same set of data to work with.



Downloads Android Software  Doc No.: do254 | Issue: 1 





This version of the EasySense Android App contains many new features, to use it; the firmware on logger being used must be up to date.

Compatibility with

  • VISION Wi-Fi
  • V-Log8 Wi-Fi
  • V-Log4 Wi-Fi
  • V-Hub Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • Vu+ Bluetooth




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