Vision USB+ WiFi datalogger


Data Harvest

Product Description

An 4-channel remote data logger for PC/Mac,  iPad & Android 


V-log 8 user guide

Introduction to Data Harvest data loggers (5 mins)

The new collaborative update on EasySense software (1 minute)

Students work collaboratively to set up and capture data in real-time onto multiple connected devices When the experiment ends each student has their own data, ready for analysis and reporting.   Connect up to 6 iPads or PC/Mac.   It is datalogging for the mobile device age - suitable for primary and secondary science subjects.


  • High resolution screen full colour, fast response to stylus or finger
  • EasySense software looks and behaves just like the PC version!
  • Fast datalogging for Physics (Up to 50,000 samples per second)
  • Long term remote datalogging (Up to 14 days logging on a single battery charge)
  • Battery life : A full ‘classroom day’ (User replaceable, rechargeable Lith-ION)
  • 4 SmartQ sensor inputs compatible with all SmartQ sensors
  • 2 SmartQ Digital inputs used as A & B for Time / Velocity & Acceleration experiments.
  • USB Client : Mouse, Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, Memory Stick, Powered USB Hub, Printers etc.
  • USB Host : Connect to a PC to run in interface mode and to transfer remote data
  • VGA Connection : Connect to a Projector or Monitor for whole class activities

With Wi-Fi module pre-fitted.

Free download with all the user guides and support.

EasySense Software manual

EasySense Software is cross devices compatible.  Experiment files created on PC, Mac, iPad can be shared.

The FREE EasySense software brings many features and its versatility transforms the whole data logging experience. Now with NEW Sharing & Collaboration features! 

For Windows

For Mac

For iPad/  Android


Enhance learning and make full use of the technology in the classroom With a suitable logger connected to the controller, data is captured in real-time and instantly relayed to all of the Viewers in the group. At the end of the experiment, the Controller and all Viewers have their own set of data, ready for analysis and reporting.

Catch Up Mode

This feature allows a student to catch up if they missed the experiment as it happened. It can also be used to quickly ensure that all students have the same set of data to work with.

EasySense App

Go to official site for full details

EasySense iPad App manual

Capture & display data from any four SmartQ sensors onto multiple iPads/Androids.

Collaborate mode - share data (in real-time) from one logger to
multiple iPad's/Android's  and PC's.

  • Real-time recording & analysis.
  • Group collaboration (multiple iPads/Androids).
  • Multiple sensors on the graph.
  • Store data locally and remotely in the cloud.
  • Transfer data to PC & Mac via iTunes.(in the cloud storage for Android)
  • E-mail data to other devices.
  • Data files compatible with free PC EasySense software.

Download the EasySense App for iPad/   EasySense App for Android




    HK$ 4,800.00