fischertechnik Mechanics 2.0 機械 2.0 for SAM Labs, 30 models

Model Pack matching SAM Labs


Product Description

Bring to life these models using SAM Labs.

Models used to illustrate the SAM Labs connections - see here
    • Turntable
    • Vehicle
    • Kitchen appliance
    • Windshield wiper
    • Four-bar chain

    Of course, you can easily,  creatively make adaptation to connect many more of the mechanics 2.0 models to SAM Labs!!

    Step-by-step building guide to connect SAM Labs wireless blocks to fischertechnik mechanical and structural blocks 

    Build and code with SAM Labs guide: 
    Merry Go round:  SAM Labs, micro:bit , fischertechnik

    SAM Labs blocks recommended for this pack



     Or order the STEAM kit which has a wide range of SAM Labs blocks.

    fischertechnik sensors, motors included in this pack can be used with micro:bit. and F5 shield.  See here    


    About the fischertechnik Mechanics 2.0 STEM kit

    The first experience with the fundamentals of mechanics and structural engineering

    This educational building set is ideal for future mechanical engineers, technicians and engineers: 


    4-minute product overview

    • How does a shaft drive or a gearbox work?
    • What is a planetary gear?
    • How do you build a stable bridge?

    This educational building set containing 30 different models helps you to answer these and other fundamental questions from the world of mechanics and structural engineering.

    The eLearning portal ( features interesting, educational information and videos about mechanics and structural engineering.


    Lesson content

    Machines around us

    • What is mechanics?
    • The Electric Motor
    • Worm Gear Pair
      • Bar
      • Turntable
    • Toothed Gearing
      • Crank gears
    • Inclined Plane
      • Vehicle Drives
      • Toothed Gearing with Chains
      • Comparison of the Steering Systems
    • Cardan Joint
    • Gearbox with Several Gears
    • Planetary Gear
    • Bevel Gear Unit
      • Kitchen appliance
      • Differential gear
      • Scissor elevating platform
    • Coupler Mechanism
      • Windshield wiper
      • Four-bar chain
      • Hacksaw Machine

    The World of Statics

    • Table
    • Double Ladder
    • Girder Bridge
    • Bridge with Underbeam
    • Bridge with Upperbeam
    • Cable-stayed Bridge
    • Crane



    Coding with the wireless SAM Labs blocks can be done with:


    SAM Space flow-based app



    Google workbench online coding platform


    You can also do cross-over project with SAM Labs and micro:bit using the workbench platform



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