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Product Description

Join the Letterlanders and learn English with this interactive software that brings the Fix-it Phonics programme to life.

  • Stories:  Watch 11 more digraphs come to life!
  • Sounds:  Listen to 11 more digraph sounds & learn key vocabulary.
  • Songs & Chants:  Sing along to learn more digraphs.
  • Games:  More word building and word recognition.
  • Results:  Score cards included.

Licence:  volume licence - up to 30 users at the same school address

Free online interactive demo

Sounds covered in Level 3 CD Rom

  • Review Level 1 Aa - Zz sounds
  • Review Level 2
  • oo, oy, oi,
  • aw, au, ow, ou,
  • wh, ph,
  • air, ear

See here for details on Fix-it Phonics review Apps that are quick add-on to this complete Software

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HK$ 1,750.00


up to 30 users