FlashSticks French Beginner (box set)

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FlashSticks French Beginner (box set)
Product Description

Learn French with Flash Sticks

Following the success of our Starter Packs, this French FlashSticks® Box Set was created out of discussions with teachers and learners, who requested a complete system to use FlashSticks® that included a way to store and organise the notes. Fully aligned to the UK teaching curriculum, each Box Set contains 600 words to learn, which are all organised by topic (eg. Family ; Relationships, Food; Drink etc). The set also includes 8 topic stickers books, providing a convenient way to store the notes once learnt.  The books provide a source of motivation, simple organisation, make refresher revision simple and also provide a convenient way to transport the notes.

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Simply hover your tablet or smartphone over any FlashStick note and, hey presto, one of our tutors will pop up and show you exactly how to pronounce the word you’re struggling with.

1-minute Overview


4- minutes "What teacher said about FlashSticks"


8-minutes Flashsticks review



2-minutes French Beginner FlashSticks Intro

  • Complete system to develop vocabulary rapidly
  • 600 unique French Post-it® Notes (organised by topic)
  • Colour coded notes (Blue: masculine, Pink: feminine, Green: other)
  • 8 Topic sticker books
  • Free App with video tutor (for pronunciations)
  • Fully aligned to teaching curriculum (AQA, EdExcel, OCR)
  • Key Stage 1-2 / Adult A1-A2
  • Beginner Level: suitable for adult and child learners new to French
  • Simply stick’n’learn a few new words each day

    Categories of words in this pack

    • Food; Drink
    • Family, Friends; Pets
    • Home, Time; Leisure
    • Health; Body
    • Work; School
    • Holiday; Travel
    • Shopping; Local Area
    • Numbers; Colours
    • Nature; Society

    FlashSticks are custom printed Post-it® Notes from 3M

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    for Primary school

    for Secondary school

    HK$ 420.00

    Box Set - 600 unique words