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A robust momentary action foot operated switch with a non slip base, supplied with a 1.7 m lead terminated to a 3.5 mm jack plug 

The foot switch is robust foot operated treadle form push switch. Used with the Count Tachometer adaptor to create a discrete counter for events. The Count Tachometer has 11 ranges including a simple counts and counts per second range.


Teaching applications:
  • Tally counting
  • Event counting

Count Tachometer:
  • Connector for Smart Q Digital sensors
  • Connector for 3.5mm jack plug




Downloads Count Tachometer Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS104 | Issue: 1 


  • 7 x 7cm black foot switch
  • 3.5 mm jack plug termination
  • 1.7 m lead

Maximum 3V input to jack socket.

Software allows a variable to be allocated to each count e.g. each count is one stride of 0.5metres to show steps and distance

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HK$ 660.00


Foot Switch with Count Tachometer Pack