Foundations of Mathematics

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Foundations of Mathematics
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About Foundations of Mathematics

Foundations of Mathematics outlines seven strands of practice which underpin successful mathematical development inchildren aged 3-7. Early years mathematics specialists, Carole and Judith, draw on their experience of working with early years practitioners, including consultants and advisers, across the UK and internationally. The book is completely up-to-date and embeds the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage throughout the book. The book brims with multi-sensory ideas that will trigger children's curiosity, measuring using sand mousse, hunting for buried treasure and building secret dens outdoors.

There are:
- activities that involve playing and exploring,
- games to make learning active,
- experiences to develop creative and critical thinking.

Alongside these practical experiences and activities are clear explanations of the reasoning behind the ideas with clear guidance on the role of the practitioner and 'Home Challenges' to promote the engagement of families. The authors provide straightforward advice to support the development of a
mathematically-enriched learning environment and ideas to help children transfer learning into their own child-initiated play, to build a genuine and solid foundation for mathematics.

Table Of Contents

Introduction \ 1. All About Number \ 2. Doing Calculations \ 3. Working with Shapes
\ 4. Learning to Measure \ 5. Solving Problems \ 6. Collecting and Sorting \
7. Stories and Rhymes \ 8. Maths Outdoors


“This amazingly useful and informative book gives practical and easy-to-follow tips for use in the classroom. The accompanying photographs and suggested activities are excellent.” –  Deborah Choueka, Early years practitioner

“Maths has often been an area in which we have needed to develop further - this book did this, for example, shape cutting when sandwich making, taking photos of children's fingers counting (rather than objects). Lots of ideas to use throughout the rooms. Really visual, easy read for staff.” –  Rachel Thomas, Manager, Portico Day Nurseries Ltd

“An engaging and well structured book which has been pitched perfectly for an early years teacher. The visual nature of the different chapters allows practitioners to dip in and out. There is a plethora of varied activities permitting teachers to formulate plans, or simply give children different opportunities to play and explore.” –  James Sharrod, Bright Horizons

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