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Product Description

The Construction Software for fischertechnik models  



Please see below for tutorials in Chinese  中文版


The construction of fischertechnik models using the fischertechnik-designer is as easy as a child’s play.

This is achieved by not only providing the 3D models of the parts, but mainly by defining each part in detail.

For each part, there is a complete list of all possible links (e.g., tenons, mortises, etc.). Thus, during construction, you just need to choose what the two links to be used with the parts are.

Once you have selected the links, the parts are usually already in the correct position.

Minor adjustments or movements can still be carried out afterwards without a problem.


Please see below for tutorials in Chinese  中文版


official user guide


      • Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10     • Intel processor with at least 1GHz     • at least 1GByte main memory     • Graphics card with OpenGL support     • Free hard disk space of at least 250MByte     • Internet connection for updates     • Mouse or trackpad


HK$ 1,900.00


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