Green Energy (included Fuel cell kit)

Renewable Energy Kit



Product Description

19 models.  Discover wind, hydro and solar energy.

How can ecological electric power be produced?

How does a hydrogen fuel cell work and how does it generate hydrogen?

This educational pack focuses on the Principles of Regenerative Power and features generation, storage and use of electrical power from natural sources such as water, wind and sun. Production, storage and use of electricity from these sources are graphically illustrated using various models and numerous experiments:

  • The high performance solar modules open up many attachment possibilities for flexible use in models. 
  • The Gold Cap included for power storage releases the stored power slowly.
  • The fuel cell clearly demonstrates how water can be split up into its two constituents: Hydrogen and oxygen. 

This helps children understand energy forms of the future.

The instructional activity booklet offers assistance.

Other than the building blocks, the pack also comes with

  • Instructional activity booklet
  • 1 x Solar motor (2V–...),
  • 3 x solar modules (1V; 400 mA),
  • 1 x Gold Cap power storage device,
  • 1 x LED,
  • 1 x ON / OFF switch
  • 1 x reversible fuel cell with integrated hydrogen storage tank
  • 390 parts


This Green Energy kit includes materials to build teaching and learning models for the following lessons/activities:

1.  Energy from renewable sources

2.  Oil, coal, nuclear power

3.  Water, wind, sun

4.  Energy

5.  Water energy (teach and learn with models)

  • Hammer mill (convert water energy into motion)
  • Convert water energy into electricity
  • Water turbine with LED

6.  Wind energy (teach and learn with models) 


    • Convert wind energy into motion
    • Convert wind energy into electricity

    7.  Solar power (teach and learn with models)

    • Basics
    • Convert solar power into electricity
    • Solar models with one solar module
    • Solar models with two solar modules:
    •  - Parallel connection
    •  - Series connection
    • Electric vehicle with solar charging station
    • Goldcap energy store
    • Inverse-parallel connection
    • Eco-house

    8.  Fuel Cell preview

    9.  Experiments with Fuel Cell Kit (teach and learn with models) 

    • Ventilating fan
    • Fuel cell vehicles
    • Solar station
    • Fuel cell vehicle with solar station
    • Electric vehicle with three solar modules

    10.  Parallel connection of fuel cell and solar modules - pump (teach and learn with models)  


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    Link to Activity Booklet of Fuel Cell Kit


    Chinese / (older version of Green Energy kit, newer translation will be available later)


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