Hour-Glass Experiments

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Product Description

Children come into contact with scientific phenomena every day. They are part of their world of discovery and children are very inquisitive and want to know more.

To try things out, to repeat, compare, categorize and observe are important components of a research based discovery process.

The elements of the Hour-glass experimental sets, are so designed that the young researchers are able to experiment in a playful way.

The easy handling of the material allows them to pour, approximate, measure and compare in an exciting way thereby learning about

  • mathematical,

  • scientific and

  • technical rules

The use of the experiment set promotes fine motor skills and the observation of the hour-glass has a relaxing effect.


Delivery without any decorative accessories, provided they are not part of the product!


Each set comes in a plastic storage box with

  • 1500g sand,
  • 2 PET bottles 100ml,
  • 2 PET bottles 200ml,
  • 2 PET bottles 300ml,
  • 4 PET bottles 500ml,
  • 4 plastic adaptors,
  • 1 plastic funnel,
  • 1 measuring jug,
  • 4 sets of 6 different plastic trickle discs,
  • 1 instruction leaflet

The instructions include

  • examples of experiments 
  • suggestions of play 

so that teachers can follow the development appropriate to the natural interest of the children.

There are a series of experiments to learn about the concepts of 

  • time 
  • volume

HK$ 806.00