Hover:bit 1.0



Product Description

The micro:bit hovercraft you build, code and drift.

Explore the joy of creating and learn 21-century skills at the same time. 


Hover: bite is a cushion hovering over the ground. A high-powered sliding motor ensures momentum and a power-driven tail fin controls the direction. One micro: Bit is used as a remote control and another on the receiver side.


Hover:bit is constructed to be as easy to modify as possible. With only some cardboard, a scissor or a carpet knife you can make drastic changes to both the design and construction. And with the micro:bit platform everyone can both learn to code and make pretty advanced functions and functionality. 


Build and design
Use the packaging as a raft and seal or cut your own in cardboard.  Experiment with different shapes and materials and find out what works best.

Code with make: code
More and more people are discovering micro: bit as a very simple platform with a large opportunity space.Hover: bit provides programming guide for remote control and receiver.

Driving experience with gyro control.
Because the craft hovers freely, the driving style becomes more like drifting than normal driving. A lightning-fast gyro sensor automatically corrects the tail root and the result is an incredibly fun driving experience.Look at it as a kind of anti-spin on the smooth lead. 

You need 2 micro: bit  to control it with another micro: bit (easiest). If you use the iPad app or Android app, you can do it with 1 micro: bit.


Hover:bit Assembly guide Hover:bit Coding guide


Subjects: (For Teachers)

  • Mathematics: Geometry, angles, algebra, functions
  • Science: Power, batteries, electromagnetism, radio signals
  • Programming: Variables, sensors, radio, LED display, if / else, data transfer
  • Arts and Crafts: Construction and Design (preferably with 3d printer)
  • English: Terminology, concepts in flight directions / orientation


This kit includes:

  • 1 MakeKit Multi:bit board
  • 1 Hover:bit main frame (plywood)
  • 8 Wooden spacers (plywood)
  • 1 Top rudder holder (plywood)
  • 1 Bottom rudder holder (plywood)
  • 1 Engine holder (plywood)
  • 1 Wooden wedge (plywood)
  • 90 Deg holders (plywood)
  • 1 Cardboard box cut out for raft and rudder
  • 2+2 Propellers (2 spares)
  • 1 MakeKit Lithium (LiPo) battery
  • 1 Servo w/servo horn
  • 2 Nylon screw m3x12 (countersunk)
  • 2 Nylon screw m3x8
  • 5 Nylon screw m3x12
  • 4 Nylon screw m3x20mm
  • 15 Nuts
  • 5 Copper barrel nuts
  • 2 Large rubber rings
  • 2 Small rubber rings
  • 1 Plastic bag (air pocket)