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Product Description

5 models. Understand the system of hydraulic with the fischertechnik Hydraulics kit. 

5 models, 500 components

This construction set teaches the basics of hydraulics through play.

The fischertechnik hydraulic system is operated with water, demonstrating how force can be transmitted via liquid media. Here’s how the system works:

  1. A manually operated control cylinder presses the water into the working cylinder through hoses.
  2. The working cylinder extends, moving the digger arm or the shovel on the powerful crawler excavator.
  3. This allows builders to control three different excavator movements hydraulically.


Five different models can be built with the PROFI Hydraulic construction kit, meaning this new kit offers extensive building and playing fun. Combined with additional pedagogical materials on the eLearning Portal, this construction kit truly lets students “Learn about technology through play”.

Product contents:

Total of 475 parts, including 8 x hydraulic cylinders, 4 x control cylinders and 1 x printed building manual included,1 x didactic materials available online and 1 x sturdy storage box with cover sheet and list of parts.

Main subjects:

  • Understanding the function and flow behaviour of liquids
  • Understanding signal and force transmission by trying these functions out on a model
  • Building in-depth knowledge through easy/medium/difficult models
  • Student cooperation through group work in different roles

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Activity guide (Lessons)


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