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Green Screen Presentations & Movies

Inspire, Create, Perform - Create News & Sports Reports, Weather Forecasts, Video Presentations in your Classroom

I Can Present is a great opportunity to bring the curriculum to life. Pupils create, film and present their work in a new and exciting way using green-screen technology.

I Can Present is designed to be used to create short news broadcasts, weather forecasts, short reviews, virtual visits to far away places, the planets, the solar system, Pyramids, the Amazon, the ocean depths, even time travelling, all without leaving the classroom.

Students begin by choosing appropriate backgrounds for their presentation, either from the built-in library or by importing a suitable image file.



  1. Create your slides Use the built-in image library or import you own backgrounds. Add symbols, news ticker and watermark, for an ‘authentic’ news broadcast feel
  2. Film your presentation Film in front of a green (or blue) screen to allow the slides to appear behind the presenter Read from the built in teleprompter for a flawless presentation.

  3. Live Preview

  4. Finished!



  • Slides can then have a range of symbols placed on them if appropriate, and a script for each slide written in the editing area.
  • To create a more authentic news broadcast feel to your presentation you can also add a watermark and scrolling news ticker for breaking news. A customisable date and time stamp allows presentations to take place in the past, or even the future depending on your topic.
  • Choose from a range of maps and weather symbols meaning that I Can Present is a great application for students predicting local or international weather,
  • Once completed, the filming can take place in front of a Chroma Key screen (Green Screen) to allow the presenter to be superimposed on a background, or choose the spilt screen option to film in front of any background, an outside broadcast for instance.
  • Text written for each slide will scroll on the built in tele-prompt allowing users to put together a flawless broadcast, advancing onto a new slide with a simple click on the mouse.
  • I Can Present is ideal for building on cross-curricula ICT links including, teamwork, collaboration, speaking & listening and creative writing, and it's fun!
  • Why not bring a real-life feeling to your student's presentations and nurture the next generation of TV presenters?


Following the success of the desktop App, I Can Present is now available for iOS 5 & 6 devices.

I Can Present mobile allows users to create, edit and film video reports all within the same App

Check the official site for details



Camera: USB Webcam, iSight or FireWire *DV Camera.

*DV Cameras - before purchasing for use with a DV camera we strongly advise testing fully with the free trial. Some Firewire DV cameras will not work

Chroma Key Screen : Green Screen


Download user guide:  Windows    Mac OS X

Please be aware that I Can Present is not designed to create long video presentations. Aim for you presentation to last no more than 2 minutes. You should also be aware that the finished movie needs to be rendered, and that this may take a while and is dependant on speed of machines and memory and of course size of your file. A minute of captured video can take three or four times as long to render as it did to shoot i

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HK$ 649.00

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