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I Love Forest School
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About I Love Forest School

This is not a treatise to get children into the outdoors – that is acknowledged as read. This is a book which considers the following:
(i) Different approaches educators can take to working with children in outdoor environments
(ii) The benefits of each approach, favouring those which are more child-led.
(iii) The book will examine how practice in the woodland can influence educators and how they can support children's learning outdoors and indoors.
The book will bring new understandings to practice in the nursery garden or school grounds, and will include an evaluation of how practice at Reflections Nursery has changed and developed in this context.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What is Forest School?
3. What are the different approaches to Forest School?
4. What works best and why?
5. Risks vs. Benefits in the woodland
6. How can Forest School transform practice in the nursery garden or school grounds?
7. Further Reference


“...this book is faultless and inspirational in how it conveys fantastic principled practice...If I have not already recommended my 'best buy book' for 2014, then this is it!” –  Martine Horvath, Early Years Educator magazine

“This is an inspiring book by an expert practitioner. One of the best of many written on this subject and beautifully illustrated. The nursery's attitude to risk taking is particularly helpful; they really understand the importance of teaching children to recognise and assess risk from a young age.” –  Ruth Parker, Amazon

“This is a very inspiring book, the beautiful photographs and quotes from children perfectly highlight the topic. Case studies explore issues such as 'no access to woodland'. The visual impact of the book and the wonderful activities that are exemplified really demonstrate what is possible and achievable with young children. An excellent resource that will be continually used.” –  Programme Leader, FDEYCE and BA Early Years

“Illustrated throughout with plenty of photos, this is an inspiring book full of practical advice for those already running forest schools and inspiration for those yet to embark on the exciting process.” –  Sarah Brew, www.parentsintouch.co.uk

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