I2C Extender (P82B715DR)




Product Description

At XinaBox we've done away with cables/wires as being a key element of how to build a circuit. There are some uses cases, however, when having an xChip located at a distance from your microprocessor might be useful (e.g. a sensor is placed in an experimental closed / hazardous environment, or motors are located in different places on a robot).  

  • The AI04 extenders are the perfect solution to spreading your instrument over a large area. Connect them together and use a single power source (USB or PB04, but not a coin cell) to power the whole circuit. Use telephone cable (NB: 'straight patch cable') to place sensors many meters away from the micro:bit. 

The image below shows the AI04 being used in a bicycle project: it has a dashboard on the handle-bars with OLED screen and a sensor placed near the rear wheel to measure rotation / speed



To order:

Please always order 2 unit of this item to make a pair (a single unit will not work) plus one telephone style data cable - RJ11 patch cable (straight).   Cable not included in this item.


This xCHIP is an interface module, based on the P82B715DR by Texas Instruments. The P82B715DR is a bipolar device intended for I2C bus systems applications and supports bidirectional data transfer via the I2C bus. The P82B715DR buffers both the serial data (SDA) and serial clock (SCL) signals on the I2C bus and allows expansion of the I2C bus, while retaining all the operating modes and features of the I2C system.

3.3 volt from are also transmitted from one AI04 to another AI04, eliminating the need for separate power on the receiving end.

No specific coding is required to use a pair of AI04 as the I2C signal is transmitted transparently between the 2 sides.

A pair of AI04 are interconnected using patch cable (straight) version of the well-known RJ11 telephone style cable and plug points.

Product Highlights

  • Supports bidirectional data transfer of I2C bus signals and 3.3 volt power.


  • Long I2C communications
  • Industrial communications
  • Specific location or facing of sensors or other xChips


  • Dual bidirectional unity-voltage-gain buffer with no external directional control required
  • Drives 10x lower-impedance bus wiring for improvised noise immunity
  • Multi-drop distance of I2C signals using low-cost twisted-pair cables
  • I2C bus operation over 50 meters of twisted-pair wire



I2C Extender Datasheet

P82B715DR Datasheet





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