Including Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Including Children with Cerebral Palsy
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About Including Children With Cerebral Palsy in the Foundation Stage


The latest book in the Inclusion Series
focuses on Cerebral Palsy. You can find out about the experience of
growing up and living with cerebral palsy. One of the most eye-opening insights is the
overwhelming numbers of professionals the parent deals with. Strategies
are given to help you plan to incorporate other views, expertise, and
ways of working, into your plans.

This book can help you make the most of the EYFS for young children with cerebral palsy.
As with the other books in the series, the aim of this book is to equip
practitioners and carers with the basic information they require in
order to understand particular special needs and respond appropriately
to the child and his or her parents. The emphasis is on helping the
child to participate as fully as possible in the curriculum, on equal
terms with his or her peers. Each book will inform you by: Providing
essential background information about the particular need; Telling you
about the particular learning requirements of children with that need;
Indicating further resources and sources of help. It will support you
by: Offering tried and tested teaching tips; Giving advice about
working with support staff; Giving practical strategies for
differentiation. It will inspire you by: Suggesting a range of activity
ideas across all the areas of learning; Offering great ideas to help
children make a smooth startto education. It will make you think by
asking: Hoe does it feel to have this need? What's it like to be the
parent of a child with this need?
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