Including Children with Early Signs of Dyslexia

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Including Children with Early Signs of Dyslexia
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This book is for anyone with an interest in very young children who may display early signs of dyslexia. The Foundation Stage is a very important time for children and many of the practical ideas and suggestions can be easily adapted to suit all children, particularly those with developmental delay. The authors explore learning styles, thinking skills, how we absorb experiences - visually, auditorily and kinaesthetically, and how it feels to have dyslexia. Readers will see that there is a wide difference of opinion on the causes of dyslexia, but a great deal of agreement on its effects! 'Including Children with Early Signs of Dyslexia' will assist early years practitioners, parents, students and support workers to: * become aware and understanding of the signs * develop a knowledge of strategies which will support children with special educational needs * be informed, supportive and confident in meeting children's needs * recognise the early indications of dyslexia The book will also encourage practitioners to think about how it feels to have special needs, and how to make real connections with the child and their family. 


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