Introduction to STEM 2 (introduction to coding)



Product Description

12 models. Discover Technology in Everyday Life, and Learn from It.

    The complete beginner‘s packet for kids starting with eight years old.

    Now also works with Scratch!!  

    1. Click to run FTScratch .     
    2. From Scratch to Flow Chart (a comparison chart)

    Using 8 models and over 200 components and with the help of sensors (phototransistor, push-button switch) and the actuators (XS motor, indicator lights), children can construct eight easy to understand models such as a lighthouse with a blinking light, a merry-go-round or an automatic sliding door.

    The control ROBO LT Controller with three inputs for sensors and two outputs for motors or indicator lights has a USB interface. The software ROBO Pro Light allows quick and childishly easy programming.

    The detailed didactic activity booklet supports the learning process for children and explains the programming in a way, which is easy to understand.

    For tomorrow's engineers.


    In addition to building blocks, each pack comes with
    • didactic activity booklet 
    • ROBO LT Controller as control (USB interface) 
    • control software ROBO Pro Light 
    • XS motor, 2 indicator lights, phototransistor and push-button switch


    Size 46.5 x 8.0 x 32.0 cm
    No. of models 12 
    No. of parts 200


    Chinese version (older version, new version to be available later)

    Link to English Assembly Guide


    Link to English Activity Booklet


    HK$ 1,848.00