Key Issues: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

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Key Issues: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play
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About Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

Why do boys and girls behave differently? Why do most boys read and write later than girls? Why do boys never seem to listen? Avoid gender stereotypes. This book explains how and why boys and girls brains differ, how that affects their learning and what you can do about it.

Ros Bayley

Ros Bayley was an enthusiastic advocate of personal, social and emotional education, believing that if we get this right children's intellectual development will follow much more easily. Consequently, much of her work revolved around enhancing children's self-esteem and educating for self-knowledge. Following extensive experience as an Early Years teacher, Ros later worked as a consultant, trainer and storyteller.

Writes: Continuing Professional Development, Characteristics of Effective Learning, Early Years, Practitioners' Guides, Communication and Language, Cross-curricular Teaching, Expressive Arts and Design, Key Issues

Author of : Smooth Transitions, Independent Learning in the Foundation Stage, The Cleverness of boys, Child-initiated Learning, Role Play, Water (Carrying on in KS1), Construction (Carrying on in KS1), Outdoor Play (Carrying on in Key Stage 1), Sand (Carrying on in KS1), Sculpting, Stuffing and Squeezing, L is for sheep, Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

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