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This solid-state Laser module draws power from an EasySense logger to produce a red light of 645 to 665 nm wavelength.

It is designed to be used in optic investigations that require a coherent light source e.g. Youngs slits experiments or single ray optic investigations. There are two optical slides supplied, one is a set of single and double slits and the other a set of diffraction gratings. Both are suitable for wavelength of light investigations.


Download Laser Module Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS058 | Issue: 4 

Use with a Light level sensor, Rotary Motion sensor, linear track from the Rotary Motion Accessory Kit, all mounted on the Dynamics System for accurate data collection for optics experiments




Finding the pitch of Cd tracks (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
An application of the formula / calculltions used in interference of light. Find out the track spacing of a CD or DVD. A demonstration of very small distances can be measured by applied physics,




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