Lightbox LED



Lightbox LED
Product Description

Illuminated Table-top Viewer

Lichtbox LED is ideal for experimenting with different art and craftwork techniques, teaching colour sensitivity or viewing transparent objects.

Children will be thrilled by the fascinating play of light and the added attractiveness of their patterns and drawings.

This light box is equipped with innovative durable LED-technology and does not get hot. Therefore, it is also suitable for smaller children.

Delivery without any decorative accessories, provided they are not part of the product!

The Lichtbox LED is designed to train 

  • observation skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • fine motor skills
  • concentration 
  • creativity

The sand tray box and illuminated table-top viewer are identical in size _ try placing the sand tray box on top of the illuminated table-top viewer for an extra special effect.

Each pack comes with 

  • Hardwood-frame of table-top viewer  (made of 2 cm thick lacquered beech wood with a size of 69,5 x 54,5 x 12 cm)
  • 4 mm thick acrylic frosted glass top,
  • 2 x 18 W strip lightning - with LED technology (low-volt-energy),
  • ready for operation, with cord switch and plug
  • cable length 1.50 m.

Replacement light bulbs easily available.

Safety lock on electrical lead to prevent accidental disconnection of power.


HK$ 3,560.00