Light Panel round



Light Panel round
Product Description

Light Panels

are designed to promote visual perception, creativity and concentration.

The panels with the latest LED technology will not get hot and therefore ideal for the little children. They are also very lightweight and easy to handle.

Delivery without any decorative accessories, provided they are not part of the product!

Each pack come with
  • a base panel with magnets,
  • a cover,
  • a light diffusing sheet,
  • power supply.

Panel out of acrylic with LED technology (low voltage, energy) the light panel does not heat up, 50,000 hours of usage.

Connection cable with switch and power supply.

For inside use only.

Our light panels can be used in different ways.

In different sizes, they always offer the right setting for a project with light.

Due to the flat level surface, it is possible to put more light panels together to produce a very effective area. It is particularly lovely to see childrens drawings lit up.

The light panels can be hung on the wall.


12 volt,12.7 watt

Size: 55 cm in diameter, 1 cm thick.

Weight about 2 kg

Illuminated area 49.5 cm in diameter 

HK$ 3,255.00