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Bring Letterland to life in your classroom with the award-winning Living ABC software.

Use with individual children, small groups or the whole class and let them see, hear and interact with the colourful Letterlanders. 

Featuring the a-z characters and the long vowels, Living ABC includes an alphabet song, a handwriting song and a story for each letter plus activities, clickable scenes and a Teacher Zone.

System requirements: S‍‍‍oftware can be installed on a PC (Windows XP and above) or Mac (OSX 10.6 and above).  During installation you will be asked to register and activate your Product Key which requires an internet connection

Please note this software is not compatible with macOS Catalina (MacOS 10.15) and above. Why not try out our new Phonics Online service instead?




    • 註1 Letterland 人物 - 會以第一身介紹自已的名字
    • 註 2 隨意搜尋 - 如果移動鼠標時看到它改成手掌,就可按入,聽到的字都是以該人物的字母開始的


    • 註 3 故事 - 由 Letterland 人物介紹的自由名字和讀音 

    小貼示:留意在介紹,Sammy Snake 會用很多 /s/ 音字頭的字,每次說到這些字時還會特別誇張 /s/ 的音。這樣,孩子就較易聯想到凡聽到 /s/  ,就代表 Sammy Snake 存在了。

    • 註 4 歌曲 - 用耳熟能詳的兒歌,唱出字母的發音 

    小貼示:另備 CD 版。建議經常播放給孩子聽,不一要孩子「坐定定地」聽,一面一面聽都可以。務求讓  孩子慢慢入腦。

    • 註 5 活動 - 其中 Letter Sound 第一和第三個遊戲,可用來測試孩子分辨聲音的能力。如果孩子能夠聽到 sea 就知道是用 s 字母開始,就代表他已掌握 Sammy Snake 的發音。

    小貼示:在這階段,我們只要求孩子聽到第一個音 (initial sound)。之後,我們還要求他們分辨到字內的其他字母的發音 (Oral Segmenting)  


    I'm migrating from Living ABC or Story Phonics, what are the differences?


    Living ABC download Story Phonics download Phonics Online
    Features: 1 computer,
    pay once
    1 computer,
    pay once
    teacher or classroom plan, annual payment
    No installation required
    Any Device
    Any Location (school or home)
    A-Z (plus Vowel Men) Sound Cards
    A-Z (plus Vowel Men) Interactive Stories
    A-Z (plus Vowel Men) Alphabet Songs
    A-Z Handwriting Songs (Lowercase)
    A-Z Handwriting Songs (Uppercase)
    A-Z Action Trick Chants
    A-Z (plus Vowel Men) Games
    Blends and Digraphs Sound Cards
    Blends and Digraphs Songs and Chants
    Digraph Interactive Stories
    Quick Dash
    Word Builder
    Games for Digraphs
    Phonics Readers Red  and Blue
    Letterland Directory
    Classroom Demo Videos
    Teacher Resources
    Individual Teacher Login
    Individual Child Login
    Ability to Manage Schools, Teachers, Classes/Groups and Children
    Single Sign-On (SSO) with Clever
    Automatic Rostering with Clever (Syncing of School, Teacher and Student Data)
    HK$ 550.00