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Product Description

Explore the nature and strengths of magnetic fields. 


28 -sec - Change in magnetic field and induced current

43-sec change in field strength along the axis of a bar magnet 

Explore the nature and strengths of magnetic fields of solenoids and permanent magnets with this robust sensor which houses two switchable Hall effect transducers to measure accurately both Radial and Axial magnetic fields.


Teaching applications:
  • Magnetic field in a coil
  • Magnetic field in a Slinky Spring
  • Magnetic field of magnets
  • Magnetic field of a solenoid
  • Variation of field vs. current

Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Mapping a magnetic field
  • Exploring electromagnets
  • Detecting the earth’s magnetic field
  • Magnetic flux vs. induced voltage
  • Transformers
  • Inductance and phase

Download Magnetic Field Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS032 | Issue: 5

Sensor Ranges:

Range Name Value Resolution Accuracy
Axial ±10 mT 0.01 mT
Radial ±10 mT 0.01 mT


±10 mT radial & axial (Resolution 0.01 mT)


Current vs, magnetic field. (Physics (11-14) eBook)
A fixed size coil has current is passed through it. The induced magnetic field is measured for each current. The relationship between current and magnetic field strength can be studied.

Magnetic field and the number of turns in coil. (Physics (11-14) eBook)
A simple coils is used to measure the magnetic field created by a fixed current. The effect of the variable of number of turns is studied.

Electromagnets and alternating current (Physics (11-14) eBook)
how does an electromagnet work if it uses a.c. as the power source?

Magnetic field between magnets (Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook)
Use magnetic field sensor to measure how the field changes between magnets in NN, NS, SS orientation 

Electromagnets strength and current. (Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook)
Investigate the magnetic field strength of a simple electromagnet as the current varies. 

Electromagnets strength vs number of Turns (Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook)
How does the number of turns in the coil affect the strength of the electromagnet? 

Electromagnets : What happens if you use an alternating current in an electromagnet coil? (Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook)
Passing an alternating current through an electromagnet will produce a powerful non permanent magnet. Why would this be an advantage? why is magnetic permanence reduced?

How does the magnetic field strength vary with current? (Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook)
Uses an ac power supply to provide a constantly changing current Using the ac power supply gives multiple repeats of the same experiment . 

Mapping and visualising a magnetic field (Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook)
The work takes care and patience, but you will be rewarded with a novel view of the magnetic field around a bar magnet. Collect the data with Easysense and use the surface charting of excel to produce a contour map of field strength.

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