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Program Marty the Robot with the new Scratch 3.  Click here to start

 You can also use Marty with the micro:bit on Scratch 3 - click here  for more informaton!

Add extension:   Marty the Robot (other products such as  Micro:bit, Lego also runs on Scratch 3, which is available on iPad , all devices and computers).

You can program Marty using Scratch, a beginner friendly coding language, and then advance on to Python, Javascript and even ROS.

Marty is a real robot for the price of a smart toy. This Marty comes as a kit, so you'll get several hours of fun out of building Marty, and then countless hours playing and coding with your new programmable walking robot companion.


Marty is Wi-fi enabled and with nine individually controllable motors. You can use our app to remote control Marty, and add a bunch of sensors to react to the environment — Marty can walk, turn, dance, even kick a football!


Marty is supported by fun and engaging online tutorials and a fast-growing and inquisitive community. Every Marty the Robot comes with a 2 year warranty, and we're always here to support and help.

Featured on the BBC Live Lessons, Sky News and leading tech websites such as The Verge and Simplebotics “…astonishingly special” and Digital Trends “…takes things to the next level, Marty the Robot is highly acclaimed.

It’s the perfect creative gift, which your kids (and you!) will love and learn from


Number of motors
  • 9 - six in the legs, one per arm, and one for the eyebrows
  • Includes four high torque metal geared servo motors and five plastic geared ones
  • Stickers included for quick customisation
  • Extra sensors/motors can be added
  • Easily expanded with an onboard Raspberry Pi, then add a camera, microphone, etc.
  • All parts are 3D printable, so you can fully customise them
  • 3-axis accelerometer - including tilt sensing
  • Motor current sensing - can tell how hard the joints are working, and detect interactions like you touching his arm
  • Two bump sensors included - can detect floor contact, feet hitting obstacles, or be used as inputs.  See installation guide here.
  • Add a Raspberry Pi to be able to add camera and/or microphone
  • WiFi, Serial, i2c
  • All software is free and open source
  • Interfaces for Scratch, Python, Javascript
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) with Raspberry Pi
  • Takes 2-3 hours, moderately challenging. Adult supervision required if under 14
Multiple Robots
  • Get as many Martys as you want on the same WiFi network.
  • Good for classes, football, and synchronised dances
  • Onboard buzzer for beeping
Battery Life
  • Rechargeable 1400mAh Lithium battery and charger included
  • 1.5-2 hours on a charge
  • On board battery recharging using supplied USB cable



Our first Scratch lesson pack is now ready!    Click here :

Consisting of four lessons, students will be introduced to robots and programming through hands on activities such as building paper prototypes of Marty the Robot


Starting off with class discussions about what robots are and how we can define a robot students will be able to gather some basic ideas of how Marty can move, relating his movements back to how we move and how our bodies work. Students will then slowly move from giving instructions to each other to giving instructions to Marty - the only difference being that we have to use program code so that Marty can understand what we are asking him to do. Building up students’ confidence with programming by discussing how we test and fix our code, eventually leading to students having a dance-off with their Martys.

All of our lesson plans work with either Scratch 2 or Scratch 3, meaning you can use a variety of devices to program Marty including computers, laptops and tablets. If you are going to be using Scratch 3, be aware that it is in a beta stage until it is fully released at the start of next year.

This lesson pack offers a fun and unique experience to introducing students to the concept of programming as they will be able to see how their blocks of code relate to movements that Marty makes. Taking this approach to learning how to code will allow for the normally very abstract concepts of programming to be normalised and become a lot more relatable to student’s prior knowledge and understanding of the world.

Introducing Marty to the classroom couldn’t be easier, especially when all of our lesson plans detail which benchmarks and outcomes they address in both the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland and the National Curriculum in England. Also included in this lesson pack are student workbooks, teacher guides, presentation slides, sample solutions and any other additional learning materials that you would need to carry out these lessons - we’ve got you covered!

Don’t forget to share with us what you’re using your Marty for in the classroom through social media, especially any Marty dance-offs!



Class pack includes the following:

Marty Education Pack contains 10 Marty the Robot Kits  or Build plus everything you need to integrate Marty into your club or classroom.

By helping to promote creativity and learning through invention and play, Marty makes learning about programming and engineering a fun and engaging process. Marty acts as an gateway into computer sciences and can grow with the child from early education to their senior phase. By empowering students, Marty allows for inventive learning, engaging the child’s creativity and promoting their STEM skills.


10 x Marty Kit - self assembly (kit) or assembled (build)

1 x Wifi command hub

1 x battery charger for 10 Marty 

1 x printed educator guide

1 set of spare components

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