micro:bit interface for XinaBox chips with SD card slot




Product Description

The IM01 xChip interface  allows you to connect xChips with the BBC micro:bit. It provides: 

  • I2C Interface to xChips
  • UART/Serial interface to our CW01 WiFi module, allowing you to connect your micro:bit to the cloud.
  • SD Card Interface allowing you to read and write data to a SD card from the Micro:Bit.
  • Blue/Green LED allowing you to show status updates without using the 25 Red LEDs on the micro:bit.
  • USB Power up to 1000 mA allowing to power heavy circuits, especially WiFi based circuits, which are notorious power hungry.
  • Power LED indicating that your IM01 is on, and if inserted, if your Micro:Bit is on.
  • xPDI interface allowing you to program other core xChips, such as CC03, CS11, CW03, and more, using just your IM01.

Also have a look at our free enclosure designer, http://box.xinabox.cc, which now allows you to make an enclosure for you IM01 + Micro:Bit. 


XinaBox is pronounced as  X-in-a-Box!

The XinaBox range currently includes over 80 sensors, bridges, cores, interfaces and other types of peripherals, and it is growing all the time. These ‘xChips’ will help you to super-charge your BBC micro:bit:

Micro:bit ready:  see here for full details

 The connection - plug and play, no wire

Build simple and complex circuits quickly and easily. The modular system allows you to connect xChips like building blocks - anyone can build a circuit in seconds, with no need for soldering irons, breadboards or consumables. And when you are done, disassemble the circuit and start again! It takes seconds when you know how.




HK$ 119.00