XinaBox micro:bit IoT kit




Product Description

Connects the micro:bit to an IoT platform quickly and easily. The IM01 bridge/interface connects xChips to your micro:bit. With the integrated microSD slot, the micro:bit becomes a sophisticated data logger with IoT connectivity.

Create devices, without tools, soldering, wiring, breadboarding, or electronics knowledge.

The micro:bit slides easily into the supplied bridge (the IM01 xChip), then add W-Fi by clipping the CW01 Wifi Core xChip onto the bridge using one of the connectors provided.  Power it up by plugging a USB cable into the IM01 - the instrument can be built in seconds and no hardware knowledge is requires. It’s just as easy to code it too: load the CW01 extension into MakeCode and use block coding to turn your XK05 micro:bit IoT Kit + micro:bit into a smart IoT edge device.

The IM01 micro:bit interface  also has a slot on the back where you can add a microSD card. Connect your micro:bit to the IM01 and flash the supplied code to create a powerful data logger that can record .csv files several gigabytes large, bringing big-data potential to the micro:bit. Unlock data science experimentation with this cool feature.

And there is even a green / blue LED on the IM01 that you can control using the MakeCode IM01 extension.


Kit contents

Note: BBC micro:bit and microSD card not included in the XK05 kit


See here for full details in English

See here for full detail in Chinese

XinaBox XK05 and micro:bit Powered Punchbag

See this tutorial to get XinaBox ready for micro:bit  in English

See this tutorial to get XinaBox ready for micro:bit in Chinese


XinaBox is pronounced as  X-in-a-Box!

The XinaBox range currently includes over 80 sensors, bridges, cores, interfaces and other types of peripherals, and it is growing all the time. These ‘xChips’ will help you to super-charge your BBC micro:bit:

Micro:bit ready:  see here for full details

 The connection - plug and play, no wire

Build simple and complex circuits quickly and easily. The modular system allows you to connect xChips like building blocks - anyone can build a circuit in seconds, with no need for soldering irons, breadboards or consumables. And when you are done, disassemble the circuit and start again! It takes seconds when you know how.




HK$ 324.00