Mini Bots




Product Description


5 models. Ideal introduction to the Education Line Robotics Sets by fischertechnik.


2 minutes Mini Bots video

Main subjects covered in the pack are

  • Electronic parts 
  • controlling and regulating 
  • use of actuators and sensors

The clever robot models can follow lines and avoid hindrances. 

Students can make 5 nimble mobile robots from more than 100 parts assisted by sensors (IR trail sensor, push buttons) and actuators, such as the XS motor. 

  1. Mobile Robot
  2. Hindrance Robot
  3. Trail Searcher
  4. Hindrance Detector with Trail Sensor
  5. Teach-in Mobile Robot

The Mini Bot programs are saved on the fischertechnik control, the electronics module, and can be adjusted with the DIP switches.

The selection of set programs makes it easy to discover the world of Robotics.

Other than building blocks, the pack also include

  • 1 x electronics module
  • 1 x IR trail sensor
  • 2 x push buttons
  • 2 x XS motors
  • 1 x battery holder for 9V block (battery not included)


440 x 315 x 80mm


  • Welcome to the world of fischertechnik's ROBOTICS line
  • Some General Information
Electricity Robots, Artificial Humans? ROBOTICS, (Almost) Everything Automatic
  • Component Explanations
ROBOTICS Module Power Supply Slide Switches (DIP Switches) 1-5 XS Motor Pushbutton Switch Trail Sensor
  • Mini Bots
  • Mobile Robot
  • Hindrance Detector
  • Trail Searcher
  • Hindrance Detector with Trail Sensor
  • Teach-in Mobile Robot
  • Programs and DIP Switch Positions
  • More intelligent control - fischertechnik ROBOTICS

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HK$ 1,344.00