Music Express 2 : Age 6-7 (Book + 3CDs + DVD-ROM)

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Music Express 2 : Age 6-7 (Book + 3CDs + DVD-ROM)
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About Music Express: Age 6-7 (Book + 3CDs + DVD-ROM)

Music Express - the primary class teacher's simple answer to 'how do I teach music?' - is now in a brand new edition. All new content in the familiar structure of units, lessons and activities, provides up to date delivery of the English National Curriculum from September 2014.

The new edition offers 60 completely new units of work, supplying musical learning from age 5 to 11. Just as its first edition, Music Express Second Edition presents an invaluable resource of great songs, stories, visuals, movies and music from across the world and across history. With new links to every subject and with lesson plans catering to all music curricula of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Music Express is relevant to all schools and all children.

Fully supported by CDs and audio-embedded whiteboard displays, the books take teachers and children alike on an enriching and thoroughly engaging journey of musical discovery and creativity.

Table Of Contents

Unit 1: Ourselves
The children discover ways to use their voices to describe feelings and moods. They create and notate vocal sounds, building to a performance.

Unit 2: Toys
The children move and play to a steady beat and to sound sequences. They learn to control changing tempo as they take a scooter ride.

Unit 3: Our Land
The children explore timbre and texture as they explore descriptive sounds. They listen to, and perform, music inspired by myths.

Unit 4: Our Bodies
The children develop a sense of steady beat using their own bodies. They respond to music and play rhythm patterns on body percussion and instruments.

Unit 5: Animals
The children link animal movement with pitch movement to help develop understanding and recognition of changing pitch. They interpret pitch line notation using voices and tuned instruments.

Unit 6: Number
The children explore steady beat and rhythm patterns. They play beats and patterns from Renaissance Italy to West Africa, and create their own with body percussion, voices and instruments.

Unit 7: Storytime
The children are introduced to famous pieces to stimulate composition. The children interpret a storyboard with sound effects, and develop their own ideas using voices and percussion.

Unit 8: Seasons
The children develop understanding of pitch through movement, songs and listening games. They become familiar with pitch shapes and perform them in a variety of musical arrangements.

Unit 9: Weather
The children have opportunities to create descriptive sounds and word rhythms with raps and songs about the weather. They create a descriptive class composition using voices and instruments.

Unit 10: Pattern
Using simple notations, the children play, create and combine minibeast rhythms using body percussion and instruments.

Unit 11: Water
The children sing and play a variety of pitch shapes, using movement and reading from scores. They create a class composition which describes the sounds and creatures of a pond.

Unit 12: Travel
The children learn a Tanzanian game song and accompany a travelling song using voices and instruments. They listen to an orchestral piece and improvise their own descriptive 'theme park' music.

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