Once Upon a Time in Letterland DVD




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55-min long video dividing into 4 chapters

Based on Classic Letterland (for details, pl see Special Note Tab)

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Monkey, a much-loved toy, is upset because his owner, Joe, seems to prefer reading books to playing with him. But Annie Apple shows Monkey how to slip through the page into Letterland where there’s a surprise around every corner! He meets the Letterland characters and discovers why books can be so exciting as he starts learning to read.

This product is part of the Classic Letterland Series featuring the original characters, including Robber Red and Wicked Water Witch. For detailed information on the Classic Letterland Series, please refer to What is Classic Letterland? If you are using this product in conjunction with more recent Letterland titles which are not part of the Classic Series please refer to the transition stories.

Once Upon a Time in Letterland是一片55分鐘長的動畫DVD,分成四個章節,是有故事劇情的卡通片,故事內容為一隻猴子玩偶進入了Letterland 的國度並遇到Letterland a-z 的各式人物,途中發生了很多趣事。

片中也會偶然聽到Letterland人物說出其發音作為口頭禪。比如Dippy Duck游泳時會"d...d...d..."的叫、Clever Cat被洪水圍困時會"c...c...c..."的哀鳴,加深小朋友對該角色發音的印象。

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