Optics & Lights

STEM lessons and models pack



Product Description

 15 models. Fascinating insight into the world of optics. 


This construction set focuses on the Principles of Optics and Light and gives young scientists a glimpse into the world of optics.

Investigate optical phenomena and experiment with light on models such as: -

1. The planetary model clearly demonstrates

  • why the moon has phases
  • why solar and lunar eclipses occur

2. Optical lenses with various focal lengths, mirrors, lens tip lamps and a variety of other parts allow construction of

  • a microscope to make tiny objects really big
  • a magnifier
  • a telescope 
  • a periscope to look around corners

3. With the sun dial you can determine the time of day

4. The model with optical fiber demonstrates what total reflection is and how data can be transferred using light.


In addition to building blocks, the pack also comes with

  • an instructional activity booklet
  • 3 x optical lenses (two focal lengths)
  • rainbow-LED
  • 2 x mirrors
  • optical fiber cable
  • 2 x lens tip lamps


The pack is perfect with:



Size: 440 x 315 x 80mm

No. of models: 15

No. of parts: 270

  • Introduction
  • Refraction (lenses)
Magnifier Magnifier with light Slide viewer Microscope Astronomical telescope Erecting telescope
    • Reflection (mirrors)
    Mirror course Periscope
    • Light and shadow
    Sun dial Partial and full shadow Planetary model
    • Fiber Optics
    Light effects Light effects with crank Morse telegraph
    • Optical illusion 

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    Link to Activity Booklet


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