ORT TreeTops Stage 15-16 Comprehension CD-ROM

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ORT TreeTops Stage 15-16 Comprehension CD-ROM
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Perfect for teaching comprehension skills and strategies to your junior readers

TreeTops Comprehension provides CD-ROMs, Pupils' Books and Teacher's Guides, one for each year group from Year 3/P4-Year 6/7. The CD-ROMs and Pupil Books offer a range of text extracts - fiction, non-fiction and poetry, from familiar TreeTops books and other titles, with the Pupil Books providing a further 20 extracts linked to the CD-ROM text types. The whole package provides an ideal way to teach comprehension strategies to your juniors.

The CD-ROMs are designed for shared sessions to support your teaching of the 5 key comprehension strategies: questioning, clarifying, predicting, imagining, summarising. They allow you to listen to the text as well as annotate it on an Interactive Whiteboard.

Suitable for:  Year 6/P7, 10-11 year olds

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