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This pack contains both the oxygen adaptor and the electrode.

The dual range Oxygen sensor measures oxygen levels in air (for short durations), and also dissolved oxygen levels in water.

It has built-in automatic temperature compensation. 



  • Photosynthesis
  • Cell respiration
  • Enzyme activity


  • Oxygen levels during breathing


  • Ecosystem monitoring
  • The effect of temperature on Oxygen levels
  • Water quality



Download Oxygen Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS025 | Issue: 6

Download Oxygen Electrolyte Data Sheet   Doc No.: 3131 | Issue: 1



Oxygen in Air: 0 to 25%
Dissolved Oxygen: 0 to 125% DO2 Sat.

The Oxygen sensor (this adaptor used in conjunction with the oxygen electrode) requires setting up prior to use - allow at least 30 minutes to polarise, then the sensor can be calibrated easily either for use in air or in water. 

Hint: Use a magnetic stirrer when using the oxygen sensor in a beaker of water, to keep the water flowing gently past the sensor.

Note: If using pH, Oxygen and Conductivity sensors in the same solution at the same time, they can interfere with each other's signals. Keep the sensors as far apart as possible, or take readings using one sensor at a time.



Oxygen Uptake in living organisms. (Biology (11-14) ebook)
A good demonstration practical to show that oxygen is consumed by living things. Uses an oxygen sensor to measure change in oxygen levels around an organism

Oxygen Uptake (Biology (14-18) eBook)
An Oxygen sensor and Temperature sensor are used to observe changing levels of oxygen in a closed chamber containing an animal(s) or a micro-organism.

Photosynthesis and Respiration (Biology (14-18) eBook)
Measures changes in Oxygen, CO2 and light around pondweed. Shows that changes in CO2 are linked to changes in light and oxygen, connecting respiration (use of Oxygen, production of CO2) to photosynthesis (use of CO2, production of oxygen) in a single activity.


 Burning fossil fuels (combustion study) (Chemistry (11 -14) eBook)
In this investigation a Humidity and Oxygen sensor are used to measure the changes in the air in a bell jar as a candle burns. The amount of air in a bell jar is quite small so students must be prepared to work quickly. Can reveal an unexpected result!

Buring fossil fuels (combustion) (Chemistry (14-18) eBook)
In this investigation a Humidity, Oxygen and Temperature sensor are used to measure the changes in the air surrounding a burning candle. 

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Oxygen Adaptor and Electrode pack