Physics II

STEM lessons and models pack



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8 models. More action, much faster and much larger!

With new special parts such as 90° turns, cross-overs and jumps with catch funnel, the balls race through tight curves and chutes and shoot through different tracks.

Discover new, fascinating conveying techniques:

With our new mega model the balls are transported back up by a motor-driven conveying wheel. Then even higher by the innovative stage conveyor, which transports the balls one by one all the way to the top in a zig-zag pattern. Once there the balls shoot along their own path downward through the loop, quarterpipe and jumping loop.

More ingenious models such as a launching pad, stair step conveyor and chain lift make the subject of conveying technology inspiring.


In addition to building blocks, the pack comes with:

  • Mini motor
  • 2 x rainbow LED
  • 31 x flex-rails track unit
  • 12 x steel ball 
  • 3 x magnetic holders
  • 5  x 90° turn
  • cross-over
  • catch funnel
  • battery tray for 9V block (battery not included)
  • didactic activity booklet



    Combines perfectly with the 



    Size ca. 440 x 315 x 150 mm

    No. of models 8

    No. of parts 1250

    • What does dynamics mean?
    • Elevator/Conveying Equipment
    • Dynamic XL Parts
    Flex-rails Cross-over Catch funnel 90º curve Rainbow LED
    • Chain Conveyor
    • Wheel Conveyor
    • Stair Step Conveyor
    • Stage Conveyor
    • Spring Launcher
    • Combination Models
    • Chain Conveyor and Spring Launcher
    • Wheel and Stair Step Conveyor
    • Wheel and Stage Conveyor
    • Other Models

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    HK$ 2,100.00