PictoBlox AI (Free!) based on Scratch 3.0

AI & Machine Learning extensions @Scratch 3


Product Description


The BEST block-based coding and AI education platform for kids

Create games, animations, make interactive projects, program robots & more!

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Make Coding Child’s Play!

Learn to code with Scratch, the most popular block based coding language for kids in the world.


Learn AI and Machine Learning

Recognize text, faces, and objects, make your own virtual assistant, train models to make cool projects, and more.


Master the Internet of Things

Automate your home, monitor the temperature, access data based on location, publish on the Internet & much more. 




Why not start now with the following video guides?




9 minutes: Face-Recognition based Attendance System using Micro: bit



Link to Step-by-step project guide




Curriculum Ideas https://thestempedia.com/curriculum/artificial-intelligence-for-kids/


Project Step-guides https://thestempedia.com/project/.  (choose ML with Pictoblox tag)


PictoBlox Scratch Tutorials https://thestempedia.com/tutorial-hub/pictoblox-tutorial