Raspberry Pi Camera and Marty Camera Mount Bundle



Product Description

This is just your usual Raspberry Pi Camera Module with a 3D Printed mount that’ll make attaching it to Marty’s head a breeze!

You can use this for all kinds of cool stuff by giving Marty vision, like playing football

You’ll need to add a Raspberry Pi to use the bundled Pi Camera v2.1 and 3D Printed camera mount (STL files here), plus the necessary Nuts and Bolts for attaching it to Marty’s head are thrown in too. (Semi-obviously, the Marty shown isn’t included)

Once you’ve attached the camera you’ll be able to access it from the Raspberry Pi. Make sure you remove any covering sticker from your Marty’s mouth so the camera can see out!

Note: As the camera mount is 3D Printed, the colour may vary or be completely different from the colours shown! Also, 3D Printed (FDM) parts are not as strong as solid moulded plastics, and should be kept away from children as 3D Printed parts are not toys!

HK$ 335.00