Raspblock AI smart car for Raspberry Pi 4B

AI Robot Kit



Product Description

An AI programming educational robot based on Raspberry Pi 4B.

(This kit does not include the Rasberry Pi, please order separately from supplier)

It uses Mecanum wheels and TT motors with encoder to achieve 360°omnidirectional movement to suit more complicated routes. Equipped with all-metal 2DOF camera platform, HQ USB camera, and smooth WIFI transparent transmission, which can bring you a pleasant visual experience of FPV perspective. We also specially designed drive expansion board, which on board gyroscopes, servos, speaker and motor interface.

Combined with PID, TensorFlow, KNN and other algorithms, it can realize color recognition, face detection, gesture/QRcode recognition, voice broadcast and Autopilot and other function.

We also can control this robot car by APP or PS2 handle. We will provide a image with all the software and contains all the routine code. After configuring the network, you can interact with the car through the mobile phone.  


Exquisite structural design in detail
  • Bumper strip are pasted around the outside to prevent damage to the car body.
  • Dust filter be installed on both sides of the internal Raspberry Pi board to prevent dust and extend the usage of the Raspberry Pi.
  • The bearing design of the bottom of the camera platform ensures that the camera rotates stably and smoothly.
  • L-type camera wiring is convenient to pass through the hole on the side of the car body and plug into the USB interface of the Raspberry Pi board.
Customized driver expansion board
  • Integrated with MPU6050 gyroscope sensor, so that the car possess self-stabilization function.
  • With the voltage detection function, and the voltage data will be returned to the mobile phone APP for real-time monitoring.
  • Low-voltage alarm, anti-reverse connection socket, clear silk screen, prevent users from reverse connection.
Jupyter Lab tool + Python programming + OpenCV

No need to install any software, programming and debugging directly through the web browser.

Based on the popular Python programming language, cooperate with OpenCV for image processing.

Android/iOS multi-function APP
  • Color recognition, target tracking, face detection, gesture/QR code recognition, voice broadcast and automatic driving, etc,.
  • Four different modes: surround, pan, auto-stabilization, position mode.
  • Mecanum wheel debugging interface, which is convenient for users to learn relevant knowledge of omnidirectional movement.



HK$ 1,880.00