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Help your child fall in love with books

This delightful 'dip in' book helps parents who want to give their baby the best start in life. It helps them pick the right type of board and picture books to enhance their baby's reading, writing and numeracy skills. It shows them how to develop these skills using imaginative play with lots of storytelling and communication activities. It includes practical, tried and tested activities and games that parents can easily incorporate into reading time for maximum effect and enjoyment.

While other books on the market focus on how to read to babies this book takes the process a step further by showing parents how they can come up with storytelling activities and creative suggestions to promote pre-reading and numeracy skills with their toddler.

It includes a range of popular early years books covering different themes such as potty training, sharing toys, eating habits, playing nicely and then bigger issues like starting school, making friends, new siblings, children who are different, bereavement etc. Parents can dip into the books at any point for hints, tips and practical advice that they can easily do with the resources they have at home.


“'The subtitle of this book is just what I hope every parent will do with their children - "Help your child fall in love with books"...this book explains how parents can use specific books to the greatest benefit...Full of inspiring photos and very easy to read, I would strongly recommend this to all parents and to teachers too.'” – (July 2011)

Alison Davies

Alison Davies is an author, columnist for Child Education and a freelance writer for a range of magazines including Nursery World and Mother and Baby. As a professional storyteller she works regularly in schools, nurseries and libraries, with children of every age, using storytelling techniques to develop literacy and numeracy skills. She believes that stories are paramount to human nature, and that they can help us experience and make sense of the world. She is a champion of reading to babies, and feels it is essential to every aspect of their well being.

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