Relax - Stay Fit!



Product Description

Relax - Stay Fit ! is a relaxation training game based on the Edmund Jakobsen technique of progressive muscle relaxation. It helps to develop

  • body awareness,
  • proprioceptive sensibility 
  • strength awareness

Encourages children to talk about their feelings and helps enrich vocabulary and communication skills.

The relaxation exercises can easily be incorporated into everyday life.

Recommended age: 3+

Number of players: 1-32 depending on the game variation chosen

Packed in clear Perspex box, each pack comes with:

  • a set of 32 plastic cards with 16 matching pairs,
  • 1 instruction leaflet.

Relax - Stay Fit can be played in various ways:

The 16 matching sets of cards show the relaxed state and the tensed state of different parts of the body. Always demonstrate the exercises carefully and ensure that the exercises are carried out under close supervision.

A variety of group games can be played involving finding matching pairs and doing the relaxation exercises depicted on the cards.

HK$ 299.00