Robotics: Advanced




Product Description

Complete Robotics Set with 310 parts, new ROBOTICS TXT controller and extended ROBO Pro software for control of mobile and stationary robot models.

Preprogrammed modules are also provided for beginners. This set is compatible with other COMPUTING construction sets.

Including didactic information material for support of construction and programming.


The pack comes with a camera which allows 

  • images to be transferred via USB or WiFi,
  • color recognition,
  • line tracing and
  • motion recognition.

The controller has the following features:

  • Color 2.4" touch display,
  • combined WLAN/Bluetooth module,
  • Micro SD card slot for additional memory space,
  • IR receiver diode,
  • integrated loud speaker,
  • 4 motor outputs,
  • 8 digital/analog inputs for sensors and
  • 4 high speed numerical inputs. 

Additional sensors and actuators such as

  • encoder motors,
  • XS motor,
  • mini-switches,
  • NTC resistors,
  • phototransistors and
  • LED's

allow construction of mobile rover vehicle, surveillance stations, alarm centers, etc.!


The pack must need the following to operate:

Accu Set

HK$ 4,608.00