Robotics Smarttech




Product Description

9 models.

Cool Omniwheels vehicles equipped with sensors

  • Programming for beginners, advanced and professionals
  • Highlight of this construction kit: the Omniwheels

fischertechnik Smarttech works with our TXT Controller and ROBO Pro software to bring nine exciting models to life. From simple beginner models to a variety of driving robots to a funny dancing robot, there is something for everyone. One highlight of this building set are the omniwheels, which are operated by four motors and allow the robot to move in any direction. The track sensor, distance sensor, gesture sensor and push button make it possible to construct and program a variety of exciting driving robots just waiting for developers and inventors to send them on a new adventure.


Special functionality

Gesture Sensor

Track Sensor

omniwheels (all directions)



Have fun building and programming!

You will find all programs in the ROBOPro software in the example programs.

  1. Optical illusion
  2. Twilight switch
  3. 2-wheeled robot
  4. Advances 2-wheeled robot
  5. Dancing robot
  1. Forklift
  2. Ball robot
  3. Omniwheels base model
  4. Omniwheels with track and gesture sensor


Required:   Accu Set


In the construction Set included

  • 4x mini motor
  • 1x track sensor
  • 1x distance sensor
  • push button
  • 4x omniwheels
  • 1x TXT Controller
  • gesture sensor

 Parts summary




HK$ 2,590.00