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Product Description

A versatile sensor for measuring circular motion and oscillations.

Combined with EasySense software it makes an ideal demonstration to explain wave phases in SHM and why circular motion can be described as a sine waveform. 


40 seconds - Dynamics systems + light gates + rotary motion sensor


Teaching applications:
  • Study of pendulums and SHM
  • Time distance with a dynamics system
  • Motion of a Clifton(wedge) spirometer
  • Measurement of linear distance

Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Conservation of angular momentum
  • Movement of gas syringe
  • Distance of light intensity vs. separation in young’s slits diffraction measurements
  • Resonance of sound in an open pipe


Download Rotary Motion Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS055 | Issue: 5


Download Rotary Motion Accessory Pack Manual |  Issue: 4 (Optional add-on, not included with the Rotary Motion Sensor)


Angular Position: 0 to 360 degrees (Res. 0.1 degree)
Angular velocity: (revs): ±4 revs/s (Resolution 0.01 rev)
Angular velocity: (rads): ±40 radians/s (Resolution 0.1 rad)
Linear distance (Rack Acc.) ±200 mm (Resolution 0.1 mm)
Distance: 11 mm Pulley: ±200 mm (Resolution 0.1 mm) 
Distance: 31 mm Pulley: ±2000 mm (Resolution 1 mm) 
Distance: 49 mm Pulley: ±2000 mm (Resolution 1 mm) 
Pendulum: ±20 degrees (Resolution 0.1 degree)


  • Attached three-tier pulleys have diameters of 11, 31 and 49 mm.
  • Comes with a mounting rod that can be screwed into the four sides of the sensor.
  • The rod can then be clamped into a suitable holding device.
  • Has a reset button that when pressed sets the output of the Sensor to centre point of the scale.
  • Some visible features are guides for accessories available to purchase separately, i.e. the Spoked Pulley (3177) and Rotary Motion Accessory pack (3288 - linear rack attachment, pendulum rod and angular momentum discs)





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