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Product Description

42", 52", 56", 63"  diameter foldable green screen that fits to any chair.

A backdrop that fit your lifestyle

The Webaround is a simple backdrop solution that attaches directly to your chair. It works perfectly with virtual backgrounds and sets up in seconds.

Compatible with major meeting software like Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, OBS, Vidyo, and more!


Constructed with meetings and presentations in mind, the Big Shot is the only webcam backdrop that attaches directly to the back of any chair:

  • The  Close Up - the smallest round green screen at 42" diameter provides the optimal background coverage for very small setups and light spaces (no chair stablizer)
  • The Fan Favorite - the 52" Webaround is great for setups that need a little bit of clearance on the sides.
  • The Big Shot - the most popular Webaround at 56", the Big Shot is a perfect blend of size and background coverage
  • The Mega - 65", the largest Webaround provides comprehensive background coverage when spaces is not an issue

You’ll never need to worry about large wrinkles ruining your background again because the Big Shot is constructed with a strong spring steel setup that pulls the material taut, giving you a perfect surface for a background replacement or chroma key.



The Ultimate Space Saver

Setup and takedown is lightning fast, taking just 3 seconds to open up the unit and place it on your chair.  When you are done, the Big Shot shrinks to just 21” in diameter and folds into the included travel bag. You can tuck it away and keep your desk clean and uncluttered.


Perfectly flush design

Knowing that a flat surface is critical to a perfect look, Webaround designed an integrated stabilizer and adjustable strap into each unit, which ensures that the unit sits perfectly against your chair.


Setting up 

How to set up your webaround green screen

How to use the stabilizer

We only stock limited colours: Blue for 42", Green for 52", 56", 63"

Order options
HK$ 480.00

42" The Close Up (Blue)