Round Mirror Base




Round Mirror Base
Product Description

Mirror Base

An ideal way of enhancing construction and placement play - great for placement play material such as glass nuggets, mosaic tiles etc.

See how the mirror base transforms your buildings and structures into objects of wonder and enchantment.

The mirror base allows you to view your constructions and buildings from an entirely new perspective.

With the mirror base you will even be able to see the inside of your building.

Delivery without any decorative accessories, provided they are not part of the product!


Use together with the Lumi -Translucent building blocks to construct beautiful fairytale buildings which will be further enhanced by the reflections of the mirror.

The height of the mirror base is compatible with the height of the Uhl building bricks which allows the base to be easily integrated into all Uhl constructions.



Dimension of the mirror base: Ø 50cm X 3.5 cm

Mirror made of reflective safety glass.

HK$ 1,298.00