Sand Tray Round

Sand Tray



Product Description

Sand Tray Round

The round form of the sand tray inspires free design of mandalas. In a concentrated game drawing from the outside to the middle and back promotes relaxation and peace.

It is exciting to construct the centre point and subsequently opening a possibility to decorate from the outside.

Delivery without any decorative accessories, provided they are not part of the product!

Each pack comes with 

  • a sand tray with handholds
  • a beech wood frame with base out of toughened glass,
  • a sand leveller to level the sand,
  • approx. 1 kg of fine quartz sand.

Sand tray

  • diameter 60 cm 
  • base 6 mm thick.

Wonderful shapes for the mandalas can be drawn using glass nuggets or shells.

Paper can be put under the glass base to add colour to the mandala.

The round light panel is suitable for this sand tray. Please order separately.

To cover, we recommend the round lid for the round sand tray. Please order separately. 

HK$ 2,208.00