Science at Work (age 11-16) eBook - issue 3

Lesson plan and student worksheets


Data Harvest

Product Description

This collection of 31 carefully selected practical activities for EasySense software that place data logging firmly in a real context.

This eBook, as part of the Secondary Teaching Materials (10 ebooks), contains:

  • The full eBook (PDF) of all the experiment worksheets and teachers notes.
  • Every worksheet and teacher note as a separate PDF
  • Setup files to match these experiments are included in the EasySense1 software 


Setup files to match these experiments are included in the Free EasySense software.

  • Why 30 mph? 
  • Why do bulbs blow as you turn them on? 
  • Not only exercise excites the heart? 
  • Is cool best? 
  • Make a safer car? 
  • Why does my MP3 music sound scratchy? 
  • Why insulate houses? 
  • Food as fuel 
  • How much grip does my trainer give? 
  • Should I wear light coloured clothing in the summer to keep cool? 
  • Measuring temperature without touching 
  • Residual heat: Thermal imaging 
  • Hot stuff! – mapping your face 
  • Residual heat: Finding where a natural disaster victim is buried 
  • How tall am I? 
  • How does pressure change with depth? 
  • How deep is my pond? 
  • Reaction Times 
  • Does using a mobile really distract me? 
  • Hit the brakes! 
  • How good is my suntan cream? 
  • Walk this way! 
  • Speed trap 
  • Long wires, less power? 
  • A model of the greenhouse effect 
  • Volts from wind? 
  • Making electricity from sunlight 
  • How hot does the water get from the sun? 
  • How hot can water get? 
  • A womb with a view – a quick scan 
  • A womb with a view – getting the picture

Sensor used:

  • Light Gates
  • Voltage +/- 1, +/-12, +/-20, 0-10V
  • Current  +/-10 A, +/- 100 mA
  • Light 1000 Lux, 1000 Lux fast
  • Heart rate
  • Utraviolet
  • Force
  • Temperature
  • Infrared 
  • Motion
  • +/1 10kPa differential gas pressure
  • Push button
  • Timing mats
  • Sound