Scratch Controller Input Device

Hardware for Scratch



Product Description

A simple input device that can extend your use of Scratch 2.0. 

Our very own Scratch Controller is an input device we've specially designed for use with the popular Scratch 2.0 programming language. The Controller provides an easy way to extend the use of Scratch.

Children can design and create fun and challenging activities whilst developing their programming and debugging skills. The sleek yet robust design means it is the perfect alternative to using a keyboard or mouse in Scratch. Please note this resource is compatible with Scratch 2.0 offline editor.

Key features:

  • Four direction buttons and Go button
  • Twist control
  • Four way tilt sensor
  • USB lead and cable tidy
  • Additional blocks


Using existing Scratch programmes with this Scratch controller input device, please see this document 


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    HK$ 226.00