Self centering spring loaded analog thumbslide joystick




Product Description

Self centering spring loaded analog joystick. Similar to those found on the PSP 1000, features a removable rubber thumb pad. Ideal for use w' the BBC micro:bit

These compact joysticks are different in that they have a very interesting slide feeling which makes it easier for the user to feel how far they've moved.


1.5 minutes overview


You can easily take control of the BBC micro:bits LED matrix, as shown above:

You can acheive the same with the code shown below:

This thumb slide joystick is rated for 5V but we have noticed no issues when used at 3V as with the BBC micro:bit, with just a few blocks of code you can use the microbits LED matrix to track the joysticks movement which makes for much more interesting gameplay possibilities than just using the A and B buttons on the BBC micro:bit.

The rubber thumb pad is removable if you desire. The solder pads on the reverse are spaced by 2mm and the two mounting holes are the right diameter for M2 Machine Screws.

The X & Y axis pads on the underside of the joystick output an analog voltage, you can code the microbit to monitor and read these voltages and translate that into an action. In the example further down the page we used the Microsoft Block Editor and made use of the 'map' block to read the output voltages from the X & Y Axis and convert them into a value from 0 to 4 so that the position of the jotstich can be tracked using the LED matrix on the micro bit.

For wiring this part; if you look at the device from the bottom, the pin out goes:

Pin 4 is the pin closest to the 2 mounting tabs found on the rear side of the device. You can expect a range of about 128 to 775 on each axis, though you will need to experiment as the range may vary slightly from joystick to joystick.


  • X & Y axis analogue voltage output.
  • Self centering spring loaded analog joystick.
  • Similar to the controls found on a PSP 1000.
  • Ideal for use with the BBC micro:bit.
  • The mounting holes suit M2 size screws.


  • 1 x Self centering spring loaded analog joystick.


  • Length: 19mm.
  • Width: 19mm.
  • Height: 9mm.


HK$ 50.00